Michael G. Hansen


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I love breaking new ground… I love to dream, visualizing the future and building those ideas into companies. I am in the business of building companies and I do so through innovation and strategy with an expertise in the Health, Fitness, Sport and Technology markets



Being an entrepreneur you need to know a lot about a lot. I’ve operated as a Chairman, CEO, COO, CIO, CFO, CMO and many more. My education is from University of Colorado, Boulder in Finance and Economics. I am a certified business incubation executive, I hold certifications in design thinking, disruptive strategy, venture creation, blue ocean strategy and more. All of this experience has been put to work with clients and my own start-ups as I’ve built award winning companies (Top 100 by Entrepreneur Magazine).



Fitness is a way of life and part of who I am… I live an active lifestyle and leverage my personal experiences and life in my work.

Health, Fitness, Sport + Technology Expert
Michael Hansen is a visionary, change agent and accomplished entrepreneur in the business of building innovative companies in the active lifestyle industry. As a NBIA certified incubation executives, IDEO design thinking graduate, educated strategist and partner in multiple organizations he perfectly blends innovation, strategy and business development into one and understands how to problem solve, ideate, design, build and incubate growth businesses. Mr. Hansen has a strong background in finance as he studied corporate finance and economics at University of Colorado, Boulder while pursing a career in investment banking and recently completed continuing education through the Harvard Business school.

Mr. Hansen has a unique operational background as he began his career in health and fitness in the late 90’s and built a solid foundation with brands such as 24 Hour Fitness, Capital Fitness, Matrix Fitness and more. In addition, Michael honed his finance and investment skills with Merrill Lynch and iTros Capital, a $600 million healthcare specific hedge fund and is a member of a EU fund. Mr. Hansen leveraged his business acumen and passion for fitness to begin his entrepreneurial journey and jump into the technology sector pioneering the creation of the active gaming market. He was the co-founder and CEO of the largest commercial company and was selected as a Top 100 by Entrepreneur Magazine among many other accolades. As a result of his gaming success, Mr. Hansen also became a go to serious games expert, co-authored market reports on gamification, was a national speaker and served as an advisor and consultant to Fortune 500 companies such as Blue Cross, Merck, Humana, Pepsico and more.

Next, Mr. Hansen leveraged his gaming and technology experience into pure hi-tech work on things such as gesture recognition software, server side streaming, SaaS, edge computing and more. He operationalized with another start-up as the COO of a leading cloud commerce and media streaming company in partnership with IBM where he grew the company from 5 to over 100 personnel. During his time; the company was awarded Emerging Technology company of the year. Since then Michael has continued to be a leader in technology as an expert in FitTech and works with industry leading labs, technologists to create innovation in the industry.

Over the last many years, Mr. Hansen has grown his venture development firm building, innovating and taking to market many new and existing ventures in the Active Lifestyle market. Mr. Hansen began by building a incubation lab model to develop, test and innovate with over a half dozen ventures. During that time he served as a strategist to multiple CEO's and executed via multiple fractional CXX roles with emerging and leading brands (working from the inside looking out). Michael has developed multiple patents, produced well over 9 figures in top line revenue, raised over 8 figures in investment dollars, built over a dozen start-ups, innovated some of the leading brands in the industry, pioneered a hand-full of blue ocean markets and impacted hundreds of million in enterprise value.

Michael is an active investor and remains active in all his investments. He is also a board member to multiple organizations in both technology and the active lifestyle industry. Mr. Hansen is passionate about his work and on a mission to Shape The Future of The Active Lifestyle through Active8 and his portfolio of companies and customers.